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Our goal is to fight against Modern Slavery, Human Trafficking, Racism and Abuse in the World. We adopt these issues, as the continuation of a long-standing upheaval against all human injustices, which include many more issues worth fighting against. Volunteers can become a member to pick one of our projects, or one from the partner organizations, and contribute their time for a social cause to make the world a safe place for all.

Ultimately, all of our work serves our mission: creating a world where it is commonplace to serve for the greater good.

To End Modern Slavery - Human Trafficking - Racism - Abuse and all.

Our Mission

Our Mission

STOP NOW is a Crowdsourcing Platform for individuals and organizations to build a community for Voiceless Victims. Stop Now is a 501(c)(3) registered non-profit organization focused on fighting against human trafficking, modern slavery, racism, abuse. Our goal is to provide help the victims through project campaigns and empower them.


We aim to transform the social good ecosystem by saving organizations time, money, and resources through our network of connections. Organizations can join our community by partner commitment to our projects funded by non profit grants.​

Our Vision

To bring everyone together and support projects that provides meaning to life.


Everyone should do something greater in their lifetime. We strive to create a new possibility and opportunity for the victims to be a leader.


Our vision is to build lasting connections between people, through listening and sharing the stories, and foster a more compassionate world.

We Need Your Support Today!

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